TDG  is Turkey's first and only certified manufacturer company in the field of data acquisition systems, having a broad product portfolio and has over 20 years of electronics and software R&D experience in this field.

TDG; has an inquiring, devoted, solution-oriented, collaborative and self-disciplined team which played an important role in each and every success achieved so far in the world scale.

TDG; at the same time acts as an ACADEMY that offers unique learning and application areas for people who want to shape their career in the field of electronics and software, who are new to professional life.

Morevover, TDG provides a working environment for experienced people who want to take part in innovative projects as engineers and technical personnel, which includes concentrated R&D activities, where they can direct their expertise, use their creativity and push the limits of their abilities.

If you want to be a member of the TDG, please send your resume, including a cover letter describing yourself, your work and your goals, to